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Tea “Toza” has been produced since 1998. All this time in our activity we harmoniously combine love for our work, knowledge and experience in the field of high-quality teas, a professional approach and a desire to offer consumers an excellent product.
In its activities, the company is guided by the objectives of maintaining the quality and variety of products that meet current market trends. Owing to our goals, we are pleased to offer our customers the best varieties of plantation teas.

The main advantage of the tea “TOZA” is the careful selection of tea leaves from the best plantations

At the annual exhibition “FOOD WEEK UZBEKISTAN” among the companies, TOZA tea was repeatedly awarded the prize “The Best Product of the Year in Uzbekistan

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Ceylon Black Tea English Breakfast (FBOP) (80gr)

Ceylon Black Tea English Breakfast (FBOP) (80gr)
8,200 UZS

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Ceylon Black Tea English Breakfast (FBOP) (80gr)

Ceylon Black Tea English Breakfast (FBOP) (80gr)
8,200 UZS

The advantage of tea

Why drink tea?

For teeth

Tea contains a very high level of catechin, an antioxidant that fights oral infections. Another natural component of tea is fluoride, which is also found in tap water. Fluoride has a good effect on teeth, as it protects them from the formation of caries, as well as from decay. Therefore, if a person is not a fan of tap water, tea can be another natural way to get a daily dose of fluoride.


It is known that tea improves digestion. It contributes to the digestive process and helps relieve painful indigestion, colic and nausea. It is also used to treat intestinal problems, such as worms.


It is known that bergamot in tea has a calming effect on people, and can also enhance a person’s mood. This is due to the natural aromatherapy properties of bergamot. Thus, this tea is a good natural solution for people suffering from depression, stress and anxiety.


Naturally, tea has less caffeine than coffee. But it is enough to give the morning impetus to cheerfulness.

Cancer prevention

Tea contains a large amount of antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals that cause diseases such as cancer. Therefore, the use of a tasty drink may give more chances to prevent such diseases. Antioxidants also help the skin stay healthy and look young. Again, this is due to the fight against free radicals that can damage the skin.


Not surprisingly, one of the most popular effects of lemon tea is weight loss. This is primarily due to the content of citrus extract in it. Because of this, many people believe that citrus fruits in general can cause weight loss. It is believed that calories are either broken down into food for your muscles, or released through a natural metabolic process. Therefore, instead of cream or sugar, it is better to try putting lemon in a cup of tea.


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Ko’p yillardan buyon 95 va 110 ko’k choylarini iste’mol qilib kelaman, bu choylar tanadagi yog’larni erishiga va boshqa ko’plab hususiyatlarga ega

Ko’p yillardan beri Toza kompaniyasining choylaridan ichib kelamiz, ta’m va sifat jihatidan ajoyib choylar! hammaga tafsiya qilaman


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